Land Development

Land Development

At the branch ‘Land Development’ we realize several services and project, in the field of ditch maintenance, forestry, nature conservation and mowing. With all of our activities, we take into account both our customer and the environment. We think along with our clients and provide them adequate advice about the best way to realize a certain task with the right materials.

Since we are both user and producer of machines, and our employees have a lot of experience and knowledge, we are able to continuously improve our services and realize projects with optimal results. We involve our employees in the process from the beginning of the activity on, to make sure the task will be executed with high quality. Efficient working and delivering quality are key words that describe our services.

Also in the Land Development branch, we highly value the preservation of nature and the environment. We show this by using special mowing machines that preserve soil organisms as much as possible, such as the Faunatronic. In addition, we use biodegradable fuel. With these steps we show our respect for the environment.

Below you can find a list of services we are able to realize, such as mowing, nature conservations, forestry etc.

Mowing land development


Hobelman-Halle has a lot of experience mowing for water boards and municipalities. Through ongoing innovations in speeding up and improving the work, we have developed as well as purchased a number of special machines over the years.

nature conservation land development

Nature conservation

Taking care of nature is an important goal to us. We would like to see rare plants and animals getting the chance to grow again. Therefore we furnish large plots in such a way, that an optimal situation is created for all kinds of flora and fauna.

forestry land development


In the area of forestry we are also able to do different jobs. On some work activities we work together with, for example, European Tree Workers. By combining the knowledge of self-employed people with our coordination and machines, we can deliver specialised work.

grondwerk land development


The activities we perform in earthworks cannot be summarized in a few sections. We take on virtually all kinds of jobs, such as paving, dredging and new construction and bring them to an excellent result thanks to the expertise we have gained over the years.

beschoeiing land development


Placing camp-shedding is certainly no unfamiliarity to us. Because we have a lot of experience doing this, we have become very skilled. In different, sometimes unforeseen circumstances we can give good advice.

artificial works land development

Artificial works

Installing sheet piling for barrages, culverts and tilt weirs is something we do regularly. This allows us to install or renew artificial works of premium quality.