Hooby MH115

Hooby MH115:

Lightweight with wide reach



The Hooby MH115 is designed with in mind to be the ideal crane for mowing ditches. The outcome is a crane that can be used for far more than mowing. The new MH115 is a 11 tons crane that can be used for a great variety of jobs.

The crane is designed with the vision to make a lightweight crane with a low centre of gravity so the crane will be stable. The base is a lower carriage with the engine and hydraulics pump build into it. On top of that is a upper carriage with a very compact design. The counterweight of the upper carriage will stay within the outer limits of the under carriage. This is a great advantage when working on the side of the road.

A triple articulated boom is fitted as standard. The dimensions of the boom are from a 14 tons crane, but specially adjusted for the 11 tons MH115. With this combination of lightweight boom and extendible counterweight, the Hooby MH115 can reach further than its opponents.


As said before the Hooby MH115 is designed specially for mowing trenches. For even more reach, the MH115 can be fitted with a third boom. The max horizontal reach is 10 meters with the third boom. At the end of the third boom a 6,20 meter mowing bucket can be mounted. With the boom and the mowing bucket the MH115 can reach far and still have a great mowing capacity.

The under carriage can be steered with 2 or 4 wheels. In 4 wheel steering mode the turning radius will be less then 5200 mm. The small turning radius makes the crane very viable. This is especially handy when the crane will be on worksites in urban areas. The 4 wheel steering also allows to use crabbing.


With the development of the new MH115, Hobelman Halle designed a completely new control centre. The control centre is a 7” touchscreen which is easy to use for every operator. The operator can adjust the settings with one touch so the crane will operate ideally for every job.

The Hobelman Gradertronic system is fully integrated in the MH115. This system provides tools which support the operator, when mowing or digging. Other Gradertronic options are also available on the MH115.
For more information about Gradertronic click here.

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