Hooby LC 90

Hooby LC90 Megatronic VI:

The narrowest with the widest and the longest



For mowing waterways from a 1.60-meter-wide towpath, a very special machine is required:

the HOOBY LC90 Megatronic VI

The Hooby LC90 Megatronic VI is especially developed for mowing ditches (weed cutting). The machine is a result of more than 40 years of experience in the field of ditch maintenance. It is a very modern machine from a technical point of view. Because of the environmently-friendly engine, the electronically-proportional-servo-operated valve blocks and the Load-Sensing arranged piston pump, the loss of energy is limited and the machine is fast and easily controllable, and the gas consumption is very low.

The low centre of gravity and convenient weight distribution make that the machine is very stable. By default, the Hooby is equipped with an 8-meter-long boom and a weed-cutting bucket of 5 meters. This way, the Hooby has a great mowing capacity and, in addition, is able to operate in areas with restricted access. hydradig


Thanks to the narrow undercarriage, the Hooby LC90 is able to operate from narrow towpaths. With these mowing tasks, the Hooby LC90 can be provided with a third boom and a 5-meter-wide mowing bucket, increasing the reach up to 8 meters. This combination of a large reach and a wide mowing bucket gives the machine great capacity. The gas consumption during these mowing tasks is only 5 – 5.5 l/h. The machinist has a good overview while working and will be able to operate comfortably. Moreover, the machine is very stable and is able to unload full mowing buckets on the other side of the ditch. All of these advantages give the machine the capabilities to mow ditches from narrow towpaths for a low price/ meter.


To be able to use the Hooby not only during the mowing season, there are several attachment parts with CW10-connection for, for example, ditch cleaning, repairing, or sawing work. On the left you see some examples of attachment parts that belong to Hobelman-Halle’s field of experience. Of course, we are also open for new applications.
For applications such as a stump grinder and forestry mulcher, a high pressure function is needed. This can be integrated into a new machine direclty, but it is also possible to build this on the LC90 afterwards.
The Hooby can be equipped with a multifaster with which all hoses can be switched with one lever, so that it will be easy to switch between different tools. A different mode can be selected at the display, to make sure that all settings and speeds are correct.
It is possible to supply an extra extension stick, in case extra reach is needed.


The Hooby LC90 can be transported very compactly, by placing the mowing bucket alongside the boom. This way, the dimensions will stay within the legally-required limits and the Hooby can be transported safely and easily.
The trailer is also fabricated by Hobelman-Halle BV and can be used for other machines as well.
Thanks to the hydraulic cylinder at the front of the trailer, the whole loading platform can be tilted and no ramps are needed.

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