Hooby GT 85 Gradertronic



The HOOBY GT 85 GRADERTRONIC is a fully automated control system for excavators. This system provides the opportunity to automatically level sand. The height of the bucket can be set at the push of a button, so the bucket can be tilted as well. The operation is very easy and works even without laser or GPS. After setting the desired height the raise function will automatically correct the bucket when it gets under the preset height. It is therefore possible to use the machine with just one joystick. This way, any machinist can realize excavation projects or level the sand of e.g. road- or watersides. The machine is equipped with “automatic control” as well. With this system, the adjustment beam is automatically controlled. This makes for a much larger work range per movement than conventional excavators.

The HOOBY LC90 Megatronic 7 can also be equipped with this advanced system. It can also be used for mowing bucket projects, to automatically mow 5 centimeters above the soil of ditches.


– Anyone can level sand
– Work more easily
– Work faster
– Higher efficiency
– Easy use of the machine with only one joystick
– Fuel saving
The control system of the future!
Because of the use of sensors and mirco controllers, laser and GPS are not required. This makes it easier to use for smaller projects such as levelling roads or gardens. The angle can be adjusted to create slopes. A slope of 1:1.5 can be easily constructed without the use of further auxiliary tools.

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