Ecological mowing buckets with “Faunatronic” system



The HOOBY LC 90 Megatronic 7 provides the opportunity to work ecologically with mowing buckets. The machine is equipped with ‘Faunatronic’, which means that the mowing bucket automatically mows at a preset height above the bottom of the ditch. This way, damage to soil organisms is reduced extremely. The machine is equipped with different sensors and a mirco controller, and in combination with electric valve blocks the booms can be operated automatically. The height of the mowing bucket is adjustable and it is possible to limit the reach of the machine, so that for example 25% of the vegetation will be maintained. Although a machinist will still be needed, the machine checks and correct automatically the movements of the booms. Faunatronic is easy in its use and can be applied to a great variety of projects. The first test period has shown that machinists are able to use the system effortlessly. Also, it turned out that there will be (almost) no sludge at the waterside.


– No soil organisms at the waterside
– No damage to soil organisms
– Less release of phosphate
– Less vegetation on the long term
– Easier operation of the mowing bucket

More information?

Download the folder here.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]faunatronic [/ezcol_1half_end]