On this page you will find a variety of products Hobelman-Halle designs and produces, all according to the wishes of the client.

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Hooby MH115

Lightweight with wide reach
– 11-tons crane
– Width 3rd boom a reach 10 meters
– 6,20 meter wide mowing bucket

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products gradertronic display


Gradertronic is a fully automated operating system for excavators. This system makes it possible to automatically even a sand bed.

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With the HOOBY LC 90 Megatronic 7 it is possible to use the mowing bucket in an ecological way. The machine is equipped with ‘Faunatronic’, which means that while mowing, the mowing bucket will automatically mow above the soil of the waterway.

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products Hooby-LC90

Hooby LC 90

‘The narrowest with the widest and the longest’
Width of the undercarriage: 1,6 meters
Width of the mowing bucket: up to 5 meters
Reach of the beams: about 8 meters

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products Mowing bucket

Mowing bucket

Mowing bucket in many different sizes and connections.
Connection CW05/10/20/30
Width varying from 3 to 9 meters

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products rotating boom

Rotating stick

A rotating stick is an extension stick with an integrated rotating construction, so that the mowing bucket can be turned lengthwise, while it is still possible to empty the bucket with the weeds.

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products Transport


To transport the Hooby safely and easily, Hobelman-Halle BV developed a trailer. Because of the hydraulically adjustable floor, the entire loading platform can be tilted, which makes ramps unnecessary. The trailer is equipped with a tiltable tandem axle.

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products rotating head

Rotating head

The rotating head is an attachment part with which the bucket can be unloaded lengthwise and the weeds can be unloaded in a tipper.

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products tilting bucket

Tilting bucket

The tilting buckets can be manufactured in any width, and we produceboth closed and “open” buckets. The “open” buckets are especially developed for ditch cleaning.
Quick coupler: Cw02/10/20/30

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products tilting coupler

Tilting coupler

With a tilting coupler it is possible to transport wide mowing buckets safely.

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products garden chopper

Garden chopper

The garden chopper has been designed by customers’ desire, to maintain hedges and gardens/ parks. With this tool, it is possible to chop hedges and bushes, and also to accumulate the cutting waste.

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products towpath grader

Towpath grader

The towpath grader has been developed to level towpaths. This grader can be used for narrow towpaths up to 2 meters.

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products extension stick

Extension stick

The extension stick comes in all sizes and dimensions.
Connections: CW0/10/20/30
Length of sticks vary from 1.20 to 4.50 meters

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